Daisho 1.9.1 Update

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Please update Monday to Friday, 09:00 AM to 16:00 UTC. We'll be able to help you in a couple of hours during that time.

Thank you so much for using Daisho, for all your suggestions, bug reports and comments! We're happy to announce Daisho's next iteration (v1.9.1) that considers all your comments.

1.9.1 brings a lot of interesting new features and improvements. You'll find a list of them below (only major changes are listed). Updating should take you around 15 minutes.

Updating from any version released in 2012 (v1.x) to any version released in 2013 (v1.9.1+) - top

  1. WordPress 3.5 or newer is required.
  2. We moved some options such as "Welcome Text" previously available under [Daisho > General] to the new location [Pages > Homepage > Welcome Text]. "Homepage" should be set to "Portfolio Template" and its custom fields take effect on the homepage now. Please make sure to specify which page is your "Homepage" under [Daisho > General].
  3. SuperSlide Editor is now operating on WP3.5 Media Library. It's been re-created and you'll need to update all older projects to the new structure if you need to edit them. Fortunately, it's easy and updating demo from v1.9.0.2 to v1.9.1 went smooth. All you need to do is to enter a project under [Admin Panel > Portfolio > Your Project Name], drag and drop any existing tile, drag and drop it back to the original position and hit blue "Update" button to the right. Projects will be converted to the new structure. Please note that due to encoding differences not all projects created in 2012 will be compatible with the new SuperSlide structure available since 1.9.1. If your slides disappear, please restore the last revision and try to update it again. If that won't help, this project is probably not compatible.
  4. We replaced Title and Description custom fields with flow_post_title and flow_post_description to avoid conflicts with popular plugins. Your titles and descriptions will be gone from admin panel but they will still be displayed on the front page. Please use "Custom Fields" panel to update them.
  5. We removed 'wpautop' filter that added <p> tags automatically to your posts and pages. You now need to insert them manually. So, if before you had this: <div class="grid_6">paragraph 1</div><div class="grid_6">paragraph 2</div> then now you need this: <div class="grid_6"><p>paragraph 1</p></div><div class="grid_6"><p>paragraph 2</p></div>. We may restore this filter in the future but so far WordPress 3.5.1 has a few bugs in it so we're awaiting fix. You can enable wpautop by commenting out bottom remove_filter(); in functions.php. - it has been restored in 1.9.3 and WordPress 3.6 fixes most issues it had.
  6. Grid System and Typography have been revised, some font sizes and spacings have changed.
    1. All your existing pages may be affected by this change. The ones that have used Grid System columns need .last class now as well.
    2. Top drag-down panel now requires .last class as well for the last column.
    3. Footer columns now require .last class as seen on example Grid System page. Otherwise they will display one below another. the documentation contains the new code.
    4. Spacing between columns has changed from 2% (~20px) to 3.8% (~40px).
    5. HTML elements such as headings, paragraphs ETC. have revised style, including improved and more consistent sizes and white space around them.
    6. Contact Page from old sample content can now be re-created using new Grid System columns (simpler, cleaner, more consistent): http://support.forcg.com/topic/troubles-with-release-191.
  7. Content Slider shortcode ([content_block]) now uses the same icons set as the top menu. Previous one wasn't that sharp and it contained less icons. And there's a few less HTTP requests thanks to this change as we disabled previous set altogether. To restore it: http://support.forcg.com/topic/raphael-icon-set.
  8. Documentation has been updated to reflect the changes. Some changes are major - such as grid system update or SuperSlide Editor mechanism update. You may want to take a look at the documentation once again before updating.
  9. Please use the trial website as reference for options - http://trial.devatic.com/

Changelog - top

Added: Threaded Comments Support
Added: HTML5 video thumbnails.
Added: wp-PageNavi Plugin compatibility.
Added: Go through projects from currently selected category only mode.
Added: Don't loop projects (arrows disappear on first/last project from current set) mode.
Added: "Back" button of single project can now go to portfolio page that you chose mode.
Added: New vector icons set for use anywhere (WebSymbolsLiga).
Added: Password protected content of portfolio projects.
Added: Homepage Title and Description support.

Fixed: In IE9 & IE10 external link thumbnails weren't fully clickable. Now fixed.
Fixed: Safari 5.1.7 occassionally ordered thumbnails differently than other browsers.
Fixed: when going from very small resolution to big resolution thumbnails now reposition images correctly.
Fixed: "Next post" button on single post page now always links correctly.
Fixed: Entering a project directly didn't exclude categories from front page.
Fixed: Coming Soon template didn't update descriptions.
Fixed: Hidden footers showing up on the homepage.

Removed: One table style (default one). Only Daisho Table and Minimal Table remain.
Removed: VideoJS has been removed.
Removed: Tab starts opened option.

Improved: HTML5 Video Player has been updated (VideoJS has been removed).
Improved: Barely noticable but... there's a new nice "fade in" animation on thumbnails load.
Improved: Faster, less HTTP requests, less images, one less icon set.
Improved: Daisho becomes Mobile Application (watch video).
Improved: Replaced more raster images with SVG images.
Improved: Tapping thumbnail shows project's title before entering a project.
Improved: Title, Client and Categories on thumbnails get "..." if they are too long.
Improved: (SEO) Search engines will now follow thumbnails to index projects.
Improved: (SEO) HTML structure is more consistent is more up to W3C recommendations.
Improved: SuperSlide Editor now uses WP3.5 Media Manager.
Improved: Converted pixels to %, EM, REM and other scalable units (or vice versa if required) in many places.
Improved: Grid System.
Improved: Android now supports left and right arrows in the portfolio.
Improved: New sample content.

Changed: We disabled WordPress automatic paragraph insertion for posts and pages (wpautop filter).

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